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Wealth & Estate Planning

Wealth and Estate Planning

Estate planning is a means of creating significance. It is the ability to leave a lasting legacy to both your family and community. Passing your wealth on to your heirs or charitable organizations through your estate requires more than just a will.

If your goal is to protect your assets from the unexpected and unintended risks while making sure you are compliant with applicable laws and regulations, then you need the insights and information that will secure your estate for your family's future.


McKinley & Associates specializes in estate and business planning, wealth management and preservation, and asset protection. We offer wealth preservation and asset protection seminars on a quarterly basis throughout the year that are updated as estate planning strategies and laws change. Our estate and business planning seminars focus on sophisticated asset allocation and the basic principles of wealth preservation for current and future generations.

It is vitally important for you to properly structure and regularly review your estate and business plan to be sure it addresses your goals and your family's needs. Proper estate and business planning avoids the pitfalls of probate and ensures that your estate actually gets to those individuals or charities you wish. We are very proud to be members of the National Institute of Certified Estate Planners.

Contact us in Jacksonville, Florida, to learn more about our wealth and estate planning services.